Any car owner would like to drive a beautiful glossy car. Eventually, any car body will miss these features. The cause of that lies in the use of non-flexible brushes in the automatic car-washing plants, poor quality manual washing, wiping snow with stiff brushes, as well as natural ageing of paint and coating. Polishing of car body means the mechanical removal of paint and coating layers resulting in ideally smooth surface with no scratches. We can offer two types of polishing – the light and deep ones.

Light polishing
Light polishing is a fairly quick process with the use of two polishing pastes. One paste deletes minor scratches and adds luster, the other one deletes patterns (micro-scratches) left after work of the polishing wheel together with the first paste. Finally, the protective wax is applied. The polishing is aimed at refreshing the paint and coating and protecting body from the external atmosphere impacts.

Deep polishing
Deep polishing begins with work of water-abrasive cloths, or abrasive paste. It allows us to remove deep scratches in the lacquer coating (which haven’t penetrated the paint layer yet). The following stages are similar to the stages of light polishing.